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Ronald’s story.  Living Well with Memory Loss


Getting a diagnosis of dementia can be overwhelming. But with the right support and small changes in daily routine, life can still be enjoyable.

We spoke to Ronald Amanze, who is a dementia advocate. This is his story:

Ronald has been living with dementia since 2016. After being diagnosed, like most people, he did not know a lot about dementia. He says: “…after diagnosis, I was dragged along by life, I was broken-hearted and disillusioned, I have now overcome that.”

With support from charities such as: Arts 4 Dementia, Alzheimer’s Society and Dementia Friends, Ronald has managed to overcome most of the challenges he initially had to face. These organisations helped him to stay motivated, active, and involved.

Despite his diagnosis, Ronald is still doing what he enjoys: socialising and now meets lots of other people with the same condition. His focus now is to raise awareness for dementia by being involved in lots of projects and talking about his experience.

Ronald’s passion for music led by a career as a music producer is not something he was prepared to lose. There are so many preconceptions about the creative capabilities of people living with dementia, but Ronald is challenging this with his artistic talents.

“Music is like therapy and is so calming in all aspects of life, especially when you have dementia”.

Ronald also uses poetry as a way to express himself and communicate better. His work is regularly shared on his Twitter and Facebook account: @ronaldamanze.

There is no doubt, that after a dementia diagnosis, the person may develop negative feelings such as: low self-esteem, denial, or fear. Dementia is progressive and it can be a life changing experience that will affect not only the individual living with dementia but also their family and friends.

While there is no cure yet for dementia, that does not mean we are powerless against it. There are treatments available for some symptoms and making lifestyle changes can help slow down the progression, delay symptoms and preserve an independent life for longer.

You don’t have to let dementia beat you, be like Ronald!


For dementia information or support you can visit:

Dementia support line: 0333 150 3456

If you need Dementia Care, consider our live in care partner Hometouch.

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