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We have a wide range of different watches available for a range of different needs and in multiple sizes.

The simplest of all is the Easy to See watch; a quartz watch with black leather strap. It features a high contrast black and white bold dial®, ideal for those living with a visual impairment.

Next comes talking watches. We stock a variety of models to try and suit everyone’s specific needs; The standard talking watch has a gold case and brown leather strap with additional buttons on the side to activate the talking element. Once set, the watch will read the time, day and date when prompted by pressing the button next to the crown.

In addition to these we have the same watch available but with the inclusion of a radio antenna, meaning the watch can automatically set the time and will automatically update the time for summertime/ daylight saving time. This variant comes with a silver case and black leather strap.

Finally, we have two digital options available. The Small Talking Alarm Watch features a simple digital display and has talking functionality. The other digital watch is the new revised version, with a bigger, higher contrast, LCD display and is also radio controlled.