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Household Aids for People Living with Visual Impairment or Sight Loss

Understanding visual impairment

Visual impairment encloses a range of vision related challenges, from partial sight loss to complete blindness.

There are over 2 million people in the UK living with sight loss.

However, thanks to advancement in assistive technology, there is a wide range of daily living aids designed to empower people living with visual impairment and enhance their independence.

At Story & Sons we supply a range of Daily living aids that can be beneficial for people living with sight loss:

Talking Watches – Time keeping is an essential aspect of daily life. At Story & Sons we have now made telling the time so easy at a glance by providing bold, easy to read dials with high quality straps available in both men and women. As well as the simplicity of all our watches that will speak the time in a loud, clear English voice by a push of a button.

Talking Button Clock – Thoughtfully designed with visual impairment in mind, the talking clock has a high quality loud & clear English male voice which tells the time and date at the press of a button and has an alarm feature.

Talking Thermometer - This handy, talking body temperature thermometer is designed with low vision users in mind. With large easy to find button operation it will take and speak body temperature easily and quickly from the forehead or ear. 

Talking Kitchen Scale – Specially designed for people living with sight loss, it reads out the measurements in a clear English voice. Announces weights in Grams, Pounds, Ounces & Volume and it can measure both liquids and solids.

Keyboard - Its large, bold, high contrast lettering makes PC use more accessible for a visually impaired person. In addition to the high contrast lettering, the keyboard is spill proof for added peace of mind.

Big Button Telephone – The Big Button Extra Loud Telephone comes with big, bold buttons, ideal for someone living with visual impairment.

Easy Music Player – Uses a DAB radio with one button operation, features a USB player with automatic bookmarking for audio books and can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker. The display is clear and high contrast making it easy to set up by people living with visual impairment to listen to music with ease. 

Pan Pickles - Made from silicone, these pan pickles ensure your pans keep secure to prevent any spillages. 

LED Desk Lamp - This daylight lamp has very bright LED’s, dimming option and it’s touch operated, no fiddly buttons or switches. The daylight simulation helps low vision users as well as promoting long term eye health.


Here’s what our customers are saying about our products:

At Story & Sons we care that your purchasing decisions are important, therefore, we use Feefo review platform for verified, genuine reviews that you can trust.

Radio Controlled Talking Watch Croc Effect Strap Large

“Brilliant watch clear face and loud clear voice for the time and date, easy to set up and use. Excellent for partially sighted. Really well packaged
Would definitely recommend.” T Longfield

Key Chain pocket Clock

“Great little product. Good clear diction ideal for user with sight or hearing problems. Battery lasts a long time and is easy to replace. Couldn’t be without one.” - Kathleen Monk

Radio Controlled Talking Clock

“Excellent clock, really clear voice for time and date, easy to set up and use, absolute must for partially sighted, would definitely recommend.” T Longfield

Talking Kitchen Scale

“Purchased for my partially sighted Mum. Great help aid in the kitchen. She can still enjoy baking and cooking”- Carol Moggridge

Talking Button Clock

“My 95 year old aunt relies on the Talking Button Clock because she is hard of hearing and has limited sight and poor fine motor skills so a push button, clearly spoken, easily audible and easily seen aid is invaluable.”- Jane Lawrance

Pan Pickle

“This is the second set of pan pickles as they are so invaluable as my hubby has impaired sight. Highly recommend them. “- Averil Pike

At Story and Sons we understand the challenges faced by individuals living with visual impairment and we recognise the transformative role of our daily living aids is essential in creating an inclusive and supportive society. By embracing the power of technology and innovation, we can help to unlock new opportunities for independence.

As we strive for a more inclusive future, the promotion and accessibility of these products are fundamental in ensuring that everyone, regardless of their visual abilities, can live independent.