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Benefits of Seniors and Children Spending Time Together

Quality time with Grandparents.

Companionship is a great feeling that can improve the quality of our lives no matter how young or old. Social engagement between generations can bring mutual benefits. It is known that social interaction and meaningful activities gives us all a sense of well being and better quality of life.

When looking at the advantages of seniors and children spending time together, there is a win from both sides.

Benefits for Older Adults

  • Energises and invigorates the elderly.
  • Opportunities of learning new skills such new technology and social media.
  • Reduces the loneliness and isolation.
  • Gives them a sense of purpose.

Benefits for Children

  • Learning new skills.
  • Having the one-to-one play and attention.
  • Reduces stigma about aging and older adults.
  • Bonding with seniors can promote positive views about elderly.
  • Children can learn a lot about history and life experiences that seniors been through.
  • They can pass on their values and beliefs.
  • Getting a sense of their family roots and where they came from.

Activities for Initiating, Building, and Strengthening their Relationships

  • Storytelling and reading can help build connections
  • Gardening, for example: planting seeds, watering plants
  • Planning a meal: cooking, baking
  • Taking care of animals
  • Weather watching, puzzles and board games
  • Telling jokes, talking about hobbies, and sharing examples
  • Establishing phone buddies

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Both generations are helping each other to stay connected and understand the past or the future. Children can bring so much joy to elderly with their warm, infectious energy and in the same way, the young’s can learn from our seniors making them feel valuable.

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