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Hot Weather and Dementia. Tips to Prevent Dehydration.


Dealing with dehydration can be a common challenge for older people, particularly those living with dementia.

Keep in mind these ways to keep those you care about drinking and hydrated:

Beat the Heat

5 Tips for Preventing Dehydration:

    • Use reminders and prompts. Help the person with dementia remember to drink regularly by leaving notes or displaying notices around the house. Additionally, you can use a reminder clock.
    • Keep water easily accessible, such as beakers or jugs. This is particularly crucial for individuals with limited mobility who cannot fetch a drink for themselves.
    • Make drinking easier by using transparent beakers or brightly coloured cups that attract attention. Ensure the beaker is placed within their field of vision. Opting for a suitable beaker (not too heavy or oddly shaped) can be beneficial, and using straws is also worth considering.
    • Share drinking moments. Join the person with dementia for a cup of tea or a soft drink, and ensure they drink during mealtimes.
    • Offer foods with high water content. Complement their fluid intake by including foods that contain significant amounts of water. Examples of suitable options are ice lollies, jelly, ice cream, soup, and hydrating fruits like melon.

As the summer heat intensifies, it's important to prioritize the hydration needs of our elderly loved ones. By following our tips and implementing a caring approach, you can help them stay cool, refreshed, and healthy throughout the hot weather.

Remember, a little extra attention and support can go a long way in ensuring their well-being and enjoyment during the summer months!