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The Importance of Dementia Day Centre Sessions

 Are you living with dementia or caring for a person with dementia?

Dementia Day Centres could be the right place for you, there is no better place to socialise and meet new friends while enjoying different activities. We can all benefit from social interaction, support and understanding regardless of the situation we are dealing with. Providing structure and routine for a person living with dementia helps to maintain their cognitive function, sense of security, and can calm anxious behaviours. 

Dementia day centres are providing an invaluable service to local communities and are great places to socialise, learn more about dementia and local services. The attendees can feel relaxed and talk to others in a similar situation as well as get expert advice. These services offer people living with dementia activity sessions and provides respite for those who care for them.

Each group may have their specific focus, but they all offer opportunities for socialising. Some groups may be focused on dementia- friendly activities, music or exercise.  The attendees can enjoy lunch and refreshments together, have the opportunity to socialise and take part in fun, enjoyable dementia friendly activities.

These types of activities help people with dementia to stay independent for longer in their own homes.

There are lots of benefits for both the person with dementia, their caregivers and those that volunteer and run these groups.

What are the benefits of dementia day centres?

To People living with dementia

  • Regular interaction with others.
  • Mental stimulation.
  • Encourages independence and confidence.
  • Informative space to answer any questions they may have.
  • Keeping both body and mind active with different dementia friendly activities can help people with dementia live well and independently for longer.

To Family members and friends

  • Help with the right information and advice.
  • Someone to talk to and share their experiences.
  • Meeting others and seeing that they are not alone in this journey can be a great stress reducer.
  • Taking a break from all responsibilities involved in caring for someone with dementia

Castor Lodge Care Home in Castor, Peterborough is hosting Dementia Day Centre sessions run by Caroline Ignatius from the Devika Care Company.

The Devika Dementia Day Centre is a safe, friendly environment for people living with mid to late–stage dementia where the attendees can enjoy physical and mental activities suitable for their personal capabilities. They also provide services such as: sensory therapy, music sessions, chiropody, manicure & pedicures and much more.

You can find your local dementia day centre HERE

As a person’s dementia progresses, they might find everyday tasks challenging. However, at Story & Sons we offer dementia products that can help individuals with dementia live well and independently for longer.