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Can I claim VAT relief, and how do I do it?

Can I claim VAT Relief, and how do I do it? 

Some products on the Story & Sons website are eligible for VAT relief. These are clear marked after the product description (see the below image).


If you are purchasing for a person who is chronically sick or disabled, or you are purchasing for yourself and you are chronically sick or disabled then you qualify for VAT relief. This means that you do not need to pay VAT on your purchase. Effectively you save 20% of the usual purchase price.

What is means be chronically sick or disabled? This refers to an illness or disability from which you may not fully recover. Examples of this are chronic Arthritis causing long term mobility issues, dementia or a visual impairment. There are also many other conditions that may qualify.

How do I claim VAT relief on the Story & Sons website? To claim VAT relief on the Story & Sons website simply click the Claim VAT relief tab on the product page (see below). 


and then tick the declaration check box before adding to cart (see below). You will then be able to complete you purchase minus the VAT. 

View Caroline's video on who is eligible HERE  and another video explanation on VAT relief from Caroline HERE